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We are excited to welcome you to the Skyra Professional Tableware - New Way to Design your buffet. It is bursting with our passion for food presentation and our capabilities in engineering and innovation.

To be honest, we are just a bunch of foodies. And we are certainly not good cooks. That is why we really, really appreciate the great chefs of the world. So, we have made it our life aim to be their little elves. Our purpose to exist is to support them in their life endeavor. To help chefs serve delicious dishes; And to enable the diners dine in the finest ways. We have built an ecosystem where the professional food preparation can be enhanced with our product portfolio and sustained over an extended period of time. We believe that we can happily exist if we continue doing what we are so passionate about – to hone our 58 years old heritage of experience and skills in metalworking and engineer a better dining experience for as many people.

Skyra Professional Tableware proposes products that transform foodservice to the next level. We help the food look better, smell better and taste better. Our mission is to offer tableware that enhances the entire dining experience.


Skyra Facts

  • 250 Staff in Skyra Sales & Manufacturing
  • 6500 Sqm Total Floor Area
  • 304 Stainless Steel Grade used in most products
  • 18 Countries Sales of Skyra Products
  • 750 Products in the catalog
  • 7 Stages of Polishing
  • 14 Presses in the Skyra Factory
  • 105 Polish Stations
  • 4 Person in Skyra Design Team
For over half a century,

the core business has been Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Private Label projects for major HoReCa and Retail across the globe. Skyra prides itself in successfully executing the requirements of the absolute highest quality value projects and orders.



By consistently challenging itself with ground breaking shapes, finishes and techniques, Skyra Manufacturing is dedicated to pushing the limits of metal forming. Skyra welcomes OEM projects. The company is equipped to assist in design, rapid prototyping, high-speed CNC tooling and manufacturing. The company’s forte is to swiftly develop the necessary technology and understanding to meet challenging product developments. The Skyra manufacturing plant has been updated to support its core philosophy. It is quick, flexible and comprehensive.


Our Journey

  • 1958 Setting up of an electroplating unit in Moradabad
  • 1965 Export of Silver giftware
  • 1991 Launch of showroom in New York
  • 2005 Manufacturing center opened in New Delhi
  • 2013 Launch of Skyra Professional Tableware brand
  • 2016 Launch of Skyra Stock Catalog along with 5 partner brands
  • 2017 Launch of Skyra Digital Platform OR Launch of Skyra Design Book
Skyra prides itself in having the absolute top quality for tableware products in the world. Not only is Skyra brand of the highest quality, but Skyra is also the manufacturer of several of the largest global high-end brands.

Skyra adheres to stringent quality checks to ensure that only the finest and error free tableware reaches to our esteemed clients. The quality check processes start right from procuring raw material, in house manufacturing, warehousing and delivering the final products. We have a team of experts with over decades of vast experience in quality control management. Our precision tools hardly leave any scope of error or quality issues, however any human error that compromises the quality of the product, is taken due care of.

quality process
  • quality check Rraw materialquality check
  • Sample Testing SampleTesting
  • Supervised production SupervisedProduction
  • End product Testing End ProductTesting
  • warehousing Packaging & Warehousing
  • The CNC Tooling plant allows development of dies, tools and fixtures in record times.
  • It also enables tooling for complex profiles and gradients.
  • Enamel Coating: In a high gloss lacquer finish in any pantone shade
  • Ceramic Coating: Strong and Durable in any pantone shade
  • Silicone & Non-stick Coating: Dual Finish, Soft touch, and multiple other Silicone coating options
  • Electroplating: A electro-chemical dipping and baking process for Silver coatings
  • Powder Coating: A spray and bake cost-efficient process
  • PVD Coating: Copper, Gold, Titanium and other metallic high quality finishes
  • Shot Blasting: A spray process in a special protective chamber
  • This means low development costs, almost negligible development lead time and the ability to make small production runs.  It also enables creating highly complex shapes.
  • Our pressing unit has some of the largest machines in the tableware industry. Skyra can manufacture large trays, pans, and tub upto 36” wide and 16” deep.


Skyra’s existence is envisioned in bringing about a change in the culinary rituals across the globe and creating novelties in dining experiences for all.


Skyra believes in change-making and we are on a mission to make this belief a reality through entrepreneurship and innovation. We strive for changing the tableware market through professional and ethical values and with the existing support of sales partners, understanding of the markets, strong facilities, excellent technological infrastructure and manufacturing support unit. To be innovative in every aspect, right from products to team, we want it to be exciting, fresh, modern, professional and entrepreneurial.


Understanding our customer needs and catering best solutions with our creativity and passion to serve.


Original Design

The CNC Tooling plant allows development of dies, tools, and fixtures in record times.

Skyra is in the business of something new and something different. Unlike other manufacturers that have established a brand by dumping their export OEM products into their branded catalog, Skyra actually creates custom innovations for the foodservice market. It took 3 years to formulate and execute our design strategy which is as unique to Skyra as its products. Skyra’s resolve is to create tableware that is distinguished in style and in service as well. Each year, the designers at Skyra meet with a panel of top chefs, F & B directors and caterers in India to discuss gaps in the Indian tableware market.

The designers then innovate designs around these issues and fine-tune them along with the panel and our in-house engineers. The engineers and production team create prototypes, re-tune and finally launch over a 100 new products each year. The products are designed to meet solutions in the areas of food presentation, warming, front-house cooking and serving as well as storage.


Contact Us

Kh 312, Village Sultanpur, Behind Kanishka Farm, Mandi Gaon Road New Delhi - 110030, India

+91 9717096908